Tens-of-Thousands of Applications

Servometer metal bellows, gold-plated spring contacts, flexible shaft couplings and electroforms are used in tens-of-thousands of applications within dozens of industries.  With metal bellows ranging in diameter from less than half a millimeter to over eighteen inches, Servometer customizes its bellows to fit the exact parameters of the application.  With all-metal, seamless construction, Servometer metal bellows are able to withstand the extreme cold temperatures ofaerospace components.  Bellows can be used in medical equipment for EMI shielding, electrical connections, or instrumentation that requires flexibility or extreme sensitivity.


A bellows electrical contact spring is used across many industries to make non-permanent, high cycle electrical connections that also require excellent response time.  Flexible shaft couplings are similar in their diversity across applications and industries.  Flexible shaft couplings with bellows technology are qualified by many aerospace, medical and semiconductor equipment manufacturers because of the precise, repeatable results.

Electroforms offer the most customization of any product.  With extremely tight tolerances for internal and external walls of a component and specialty metals and finishes, electroforms meet light-weight, cold temperature aerospace applications.  Electroforms create critical medical equipment molds which other technologies cannot match.

With proven engineering expertise and over 120 years combined experience in electroform design, we specialize in custom applications that fit almost any critical performance requirement. Our processes are well documented and controlled by ISO 9001 quality standards.