When asked to respond to a new defense or aerospace design challenge, the message is always the same: “Find a way to get it done!” This mandate often requires the development and manufacture of small ultra-precision parts with critical specs and high performance parameters – along with zero margins for error. Servometer® has designed and manufactured micro-miniature components in the worlds most advanced satellite systems. Servometer assemblies have also appeared in all NASA Space Shuttles and several military fighter jets including the F-15, F-16, F-22 as well as newer models currently in development. Our bellows and assemblies are used in a variety of ways in aerospace applications. With lightweight construction, extreme temperature capability, and small sizes. Servometer bellows create opportunities. From pressure and temperature instrumentation, to altimeters, actuators, and accumulators, our metal bellows perform to the strict requirements of an aerospace qualified device. Servometer holds ISO9001 certified quality system to assure that components are completed right the first time. Servometer has the experience to maintain export control documentation and protect designs. Our bellows and sub-assembly components encompass two bellows technologies, electrodeposited bellows and edge welded bellows. Through the acquisition of BellowsTech, Servometer also offers edge welded metal bellows for the aerospace industry. Edge welded technology offers a higher stroke length and various materials. For more information visit www.bellowstech.com.   AUVSI XponentialSee new aerospace bellows products first hand and speak with a design engineer at Xponential AUVSI, May 8 – 11 in Dallas Texas. Visit us on the show floor at booth # 849.     Are your unsure whether an electrodeposited bellows makes the most sense in your assembly? Order a sample today to use for testing in your aerospace application. Order a FREE sample here. Would you rather speak to a design engineer about material selection, environment, or performance criteria? Use the convenient Contact Us Form and your questioned will be personally answered by a Servomter professional design engineer within 24 hours.


Athermalization Bellows Assembly

Laser sighting devices are sensitive to changes in temperature. By filling the assembly with an engineered fluid and then installing a unique sealing plug, this bellows can e designed to convert a change in temperature into precise liner movement. This athermalization then allows the military tank cannon, infantry rifle or other laser-site applications to be right on target.

Custom Electroform

Here is another example of how the Servometer electroforming process could meet dimensional and appearance requirements not obtainable with a stamping. This electroformed socket is used as a precision connector for military aircraft radar jamming avionics.

Welded Assembly

This double bellows triple welded assembly can be found in the F-15 Eagle fighter aircraft as part of the steering control unit. A total of four Servometer bellows assemblies monitor airspeed, altitude and hydraulic pressure to assure the correct movement of the control surfaces in any flight situation.