Medical instrumentation requires strict tolerances, exotic shapes, and excellent quality. Servometer fulfills those requirements with its medical bellows. Available in lengths as small as 0.20 inches, our nickel and gold bellows will fit most applications. Round, rectangular, and custom shaped components can all be designed. Our design engineers understand the time invested in the qualification of medical devices and are willing to assist with our many years of experience and leading-edge technology.

Our ISO 9001 certification assures that we will build, test, inspect and verify that every product we build meets the performance requirements agreed to with our customers. Bellows and electroforms can be used with invasive or non-invasive equipment. Bellows add flexibility to invasive equipment whereas electroforms employ special finishes and shapes to meet custom requirements. For medical test equipment, electrodeposited bellows and electroforms can provide protection from electrical interference or hermetically seal a component or assembly. Bellows can also compensate for changes in volume, pressure, and temperature with expansion and contraction.

Electrical spring contacts offer a simple solution for connecting electronic devices in assembly or in devices that connect and disconnect with high frequency. With miniature size capability, electrical spring contacts with bellows technology can solve issues with tolerance build-up between components as well as provide minimal signal loss. Titanium bellows are available through for added capability for invasive medical instruments and implantable devices.



This reagent probe is used in automated medical testing equipment. The Servometer electroforming process allowed for the accurate interior dimensions that were required for precision fluid dispensing. A threaded ferrule is brazed onto the electroform to provide for attachment to the test equipment. The entire assembly is then Paralyene® coated to prevent any unwanted reaction to the dispensed reagents.