Servometer manufactures custom components and assemblies for semiconductor and Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) and Ultra High Purity (UHP) applications. Bellows and bellows assemblies are used in analytical instruments to translate pressure and temperature into motion. Bellows are also used in valve equipment as a hermetic seal. The high cycle life, media compatibility, repeatability, and leak tight features of Servometer bellows create opportunities for engineers to accurately control processes in critical systems.

Servometer bellows can be customized to the dimensions and specifications that the application requires. To get started, look at our bellows design calculations. Electroforms and electroform assemblies are designed for their highly reflective finish and their customization to shapes and sizes. Imaging and heating equipment can utilize electroforms as a cost effective solution to increase efficiency in processing. Flexible shaft couplings from Servometer are used to connect motion control instruments throughout processing equipment. Eliminating backlash and misalignment issues, flexible shaft couplings utilizing bellows technology increase system efficiency and eliminate down time. Available in stock sizes as well as custom configurations, Servometer couplings are a simple solution for motion control in semiconductor applications.

Edge welded metal bellows from BellowsTech, LLC offer further options for semiconductor and high vacuum customers. With the long stroke length and custom capabilities, metal bellows from BellowsTech are commonly designed into wafer processing equipment for high vacuum, bellows valve assemblies, and actuator systems. Visit for more information.