With the advancements in electrical technology and the miniaturization of components, instrumentation and sensors continues to grow in today’s market. Instrumentation adds intelligence to systems that was never thought possible in years past. Metal bellows create information for the instrumentation world.The movement of the metal bellows under hydraulic or pneumatic pressure (internal or external) can create the information needed for a system. Gauge, barometric and differential pressure and temperature can all be compensated for using bellows technology. With miniature sizes available, bellows can be added to instrumentation and manifolds of almost any shape or size. Electrodeposited bellows have been used to increase the accuracy inside capacitive and potentiometric pressure sensors to increase linearity. Metal bellows have also proven to significantly increase the life of miniature pressure switches. The US military uses them as part of a pressure switch assembly in armored trucks.

Valves, valve actuators and valve assemblies rely on bellows technology to seal and provide feedback. With pressure, bellows can expand or contract to the stroke required in order to implement proper seating or relay the position of the valve. From sub-sea and down-hole tools to aerospace components, our bellows provide excellent performance in valve systems in the most critical applications.

Bellows couplings create a connection in the system for instrumentation such as actuators and encoders. With zero backlash, Servometer bellows provide the flexibility and repeatability while compensating for misalignment and high RPM’s. Bellows couplings can be installed internally or externally, because of out miniature size capability.Vision sensors and optical equipment use electroforms for their special finish and custom capability. Servometer specializes in the development of custom electroforms for vision systems through its patented process to ensure rugged construction with tight tolerances.

In a digital world, mechanical components such as bellows are still a major mechanism to gather information. Contact Us today to learn how we can make your system more accurate, smaller and smarter.



You will find this bellows being used as a combination seal and expansion joint in an industrial laser. The bellows provides a cost-effective replacement for machined components, and the gold-plated interior minimizes contamination as the beam passes through.


This assembly is used in a pressure gauge that can reads atmospheric pressure out to four decimal places. Gauges are used to relay barometric pressure from remote locations for weather forecasting. Instruments that are produced with this assembly are so accurate that they are often used as standards to calibrate other gauges.