Servometer is among the leading manufacturers of custom designed components and assemblies for use in various applications. Developed for the medical, aerospace, semiconductor, military and defense industries as well as several other markets, Servometer has been at the forefront of precision component manufacturing to exacting specifications. Durable, reliable and absolutely accurate, our products help make the impossible, possible.

SMC Flexible Shaft Couplings


Servometer currently offers two bellows technologies. Electrodeposited metal bellows are manufactured in the New Jersey facility, whereas edge welded metal bellows are manufactured in Florida through BellowsTech, LLC.Servometer metal bellows are made through a unique process to create custom, light-weight, reliable solutions under various conditions starting at less than half a millimeter in diameter.

Electroformed Metal Bellows
Edge Welded Metal Bellows


Using a unique electroplating process, Servometer electroforms, cold shields and flexible waveguides create custom solutions for a variety of applications including photonic equipment, aerospace assemblies, medical equipment, electromagnetic shielding, and industrial systems. Available in many custom sizes and shapes, precision and custom electroforms can be configured to meet tight tolerances. Baffles can be added within the assembly to add rigidity and filtering.

Precision Electroforms


Flexible shaft couplings from Servometer create solutions for applications involving misalignment, high RPM’s, and backlash. Used in a variety of industrial and automation equipment, Servometer bellows couplings are rugged enough to withstand harsh conditions and high cycles. Whether a standard item or custom design, Servometer can find the right size coupling and more size.

Flexible Shaft Couplings


Gold-plated bellows contacts are manufactured to create an electrical connection on demand. Considered a type of electrical contact spring, Servometer contacts add the flexibility of a spring with the reliability of a bellows. As machines and assemblies need electrical connections connected and disconnected, Servometer gold contacts make sure the system is operational.

Electrical Contacts