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In electronic devices, certain components may require one or more spring contacts to achieve reliable electrical connection.  Bellows spring contacts are used where the connection cannot or should not be permanent, particularly when the parts are to be inserted, removed and re-inserted.

The two types of spring contacts best suited for printed circuit board (PCB) applications are gold-plated wire mesh cylinders and gold-plated miniature metal bellows.  Servometer bellows type contact springs are manufactured from electrodeposited nickel, and gold plated to enhance their conductivity. They are flexible and dynamic, and designed to provide a lifetime of reliable interconnection.  The response time meets or exceeds customer expectations due to the fact that the signal can travel along the outside of the bellows rather than along the coil of a spring. Furthermore, they can help overcome tolerance buildup and thermal expansion problems in critical assemblies.


  • Minimum of self-inductance
  • Extremely low DC resistance
  • Minimum of insertion loss
  • Lifetime spring reliability (100 cycles to infinity)
  • Good electrical contact between two mating parts with moderate forces
  • Seamless and non-porous with no permeability of dust, dirt or moisture
  • Miniature Size Capability
  • Reduce Tolerance Build-up
  • Maximum current rating of 4 amps
  • Operating temperature -423 °F to 260 °F with no loss of spring rate

Operating Conditions

Life expectancy ranges from 100 cycles to infinite. For greater life cycles, the maximum compression is reduced by 20% for 100,000 cycles and by 30% for infinite life. Servometer contacts can be used safely up to 260 degrees F and maintain their full spring qualities. There is no low temperature limit.

Our entire stock line is rated for a maximum of 4 amps.
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*Note: Maximum compressions indicated in the charts above are for 1,000 cycle life. The maximum amount of compression is reduced by 20% for 100,000 cycles and by 30% for 100 million.

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