These highly versatile contacts feature all the same benefits of our spring contacts but with a flexible interconnection advantage. The  pairing of one Interconnectric gold contact with a convex conical tip to a contact with a concave conical receptacle tip allows them to self-align.

This flexible construction allows them to compensate for angular and parallel misalignments as they connect and are a low cost solution to expensive alternative assemblies and components.

Interconnectric Gold Micro Electrical Contacts
Interconnectric Gold Electrical Contacts

Additional Features:

  • Minimum of self-inductance
  • Extremely low DC resistance
  • Minimum of insertion loss
  • Lifetime spring reliability (100 cycles to infinity)
  • Good electrical contact between two mating parts with moderate forces
  • Seamless and non-porous with no permeability of dust, dirt or moisture
  • Miniature Size Capability
  • Reduce Tolerance Build-up
  • Maximum current rating of 4 amps
  • Operating temperature -423 °F to 260 °F with no loss of spring rate
Part NumberOutside Diameter (inches)Overall Length (inches)Convolution Length (inches)TypeMaximum Compression Stroke (inches)Maximum Angular Misalignment (degrees)Maximum Parallel Misalighnment (inches)Minimum Force @ Full Compression (oz.)Metallic OHMS D.C. Resistance
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