Servometer offers the Standard Gold-Plated Electrical Contacts product line as our standard offering. Bellows technology in electrical contacts reduces the signal loss and increases the speed in which the signal is transmitted. Rather than travel along the path of a spring, the signal travels the walls of the bellows to get the maximum signal in the least amount of time.

Electrical contacts are available in both male and female configurations for applications that require two parts to be paired together. The conical shape of the tip of the male gold contact creates self-alignment with the concave conical shape of the female receptacle. Other applications will have the contact make an electrical connection with a pin or feedthrough hole. The self-aligning contacts will minimize shock and vibration in dynamic applications and help overcome tolerance build-up or stacking when pairing two circuit boards together. This can reduce overall scrap cost of assembly components.

Outside diameters range from 0.037″ to 0.125″. The contact springs are manufactured from electrodeposited nickel and gold-plated to ASTM B488 to enhance their conductivity and provide extremely low DC resistance with a minimum of insertion loss. They are designed to provide lifetime spring and force repeatability.

In many applications, it is possible to simply insert the open end of the bellows onto a pin and press assemble into place. Alternatives are to spot weld the open cup to the pin or solder the contact into place. Servometer electrical contacts are designed to operate up to 4 amps.

Part No.Outside Diameter (inches)Overall Length (inches)Convolution Length (inches)Maximum Compression Stroke (inches)Minimum Force @ Full Compression (oz.)Metallic OHMS D.C. ResistanceSurface Finish
1571-10.1050.0550.0440.01530.005.00005" gold
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