Electroformed metal bellows are flexible, spring-like, precision engineered components custom designed to fit into OEM parts or assemblies. Of the various types of bellows available today, only our patented manufacturing technology employs our premium alloy FlexNickel™. It offers superior performance characterization and makes Servometer® electrodeposited bellows exceptionally unique.

Our electroformed bellows are extremely rugged, yet lightweight. They are very effective, especially in mission critical applications like Aerospace and Defense, where requirements demand extreme tolerances and complex geometries.


  • Thinnest wall construction (as thin as .0002 inch) for optimum sensitivity
  • 25x more sensitive than hydroformed bellows
  • Provide large deflections with minute forces – as small as 4 grams.
  • Superb flexibility – ideal for hermetic sealing, pressure sensors and valve seals
  • Compress up to 60% of their free length
  • Infinite cycle life expectancy with 100,000 cycles standard
  • Leak tight to eliminate risk of contamination
  • Lightweight, low mass
  • No tooling charges

Today, OEMs worldwide rely on Servometer® bellows daily to deliver precise control in thousands of Industrial, Medical, Energy, Semiconductor and UHV applications as well. If you have a project or application idea and you think a bellows is the right part for the job, our engineering team will work with you providing professional design assistance to make it possible.

Servometer electrodeposited bellows are available in a wide range of sizes, lengths and materials including nickel, copper, gold and silver. They can be custom manufactured in various wall thicknesses with outer diameters ranging from 0.020 inch to 12.0 inches and convolution lengths as long as 18.0 inches. We also have 16 standard sizes that come right off the shelf and are ready to test in your next OEM project. These bellows are available for quick purchase and delivery. See the standard bellows sizes here.

Material Specifications
Bellows Design Factors



As you can see, not all bellows are round. Servometer can produce rectangular, square, oval and multi-faceted shapes to meet any customer’s requirements.

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