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As a premier provider of extremely flexible and highly dependable bellows and beam couplings, we offer a wide choice between standard parts for replacement, testing and development, or a custom bellows design for peak efficiency and reliable 24/7 operation even in extreme environments.


  • Resolvers
  • Encoders
  • Stepper and Servo Motors
  • Small Pumps
  • Fans and Blowers
  • More
SMC Flexible Shaft Couplings

For more information on an individual product, click the coupling size for more product specifications such as alignment, windup, side thrust, stroke and dimensions.


Series Description
SMC-300 Set Screw
SMC-400 Clamp
FSMM-L Beam Coupling Set Screw
FSCM-L Beam Coupling Clamp

To find cross references for FC, SC, and ST types, click here.


Applications Advantages of Servometer Bellows Coupling
Encoders Extremely low elastic windup
Servos Zero backlash
Actuators Zero cyclic speed variation during 360° rotation
Robotics Minimal side loading
CNC Machine Tools Complete customization of bellows and end pieces available
Other Motion Control Instruments Lead time of 1-2 weeks on standard sizes. Contact us for stock sizes.

Sometimes an off the shelf solution is not always the best choice in terms of fit, performance and yes, price. Don’t see what you’re looking for, than ask one of our Technical Support Specialists for assistance.



Another military aircraft that uses Servometer bellows assemblies is the AV-8 Harrier. This precision coupling accurately transmits the position of critical flight controls.

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