Servometer specializes in manufacturing specialty custom electroforms with unusual shapes, miniature sizes and close tolerances. Our electroforms are extremely lightweight, yet structurally rigid and exceptionally rugged and are most frequently used to replace plastic components that lack necessary tensile strength and machined components that are too heavy for many mission critical applications. Using our signature FlexNickel°, a Cobalt-Nickel alloy, and our proprietary electrodeposition technology we’ve produced millions of components with the perfect combination of strength and flexibility.

ServoMeter Electroforms Products


  • Extremely Lightweight Construction
  • Structurally Rigid
  • Unusual Shapes and Sizes
  • Able to Withstand Extreme Temperatures from -423 to 1000 F for Static Applications
  • Micro Finished Surfaces as Fine as 4 R.M.S.
  • Varying Wall Thicknesses on a Single Part


  • Camera desiccant container
  • Diaphragm
  • EMI connector shielding
  • Reservoir
  • Lens holders

Servometer electroforms can be manufactured from high-strength nickel-alloy, copper, silver and gold; each material can be used as a surface finish or layer. Mirror finishes and low reflectance coatings can be provided as required. Our patented processes can combine layers of materials for applications that require different media compatibility or reflective finishes in internal or external surfaces. Round and rectangular flexible waveguides are manufactured using the electroforming process.

Electroforms manufactured by Servometer are ideal for aerospace applications that rely on lightweight components that can withstand extremely cold temperatures and have tight tolerances. We also support medical applications, defense, semiconductor, energy, oil and gas industries. Just about any industry that requires custom sizes, unique materials, and specialty finishes, will find Servometer electroforms the ideal solution.



Unique electroforms of copper, nickel, gold or any combination can be easily produced with the Servometer electroforming process.